The TOR assignment contracts are signed by Petrobras

April 1, 2020

Petrobras then concludes the contracting of 90% of the TOR surplus in Búzios, alongside that of the Chinese state-owned companies CNODC and CNOOC, with 5% each. In addition to 100% of Itapu.

– Búzios is the largest field under development in the country, with four Petrobras own units in operation, Búzios 5 contracted with Modec for 2022 and the forecast for Búzios 6 to start operating in 2024. Itapu is scheduled for 2024, with an FPSO.

– Aram contracts were also signed, an exploration area contracted in the 6th round of sharing, 80% from Petrobras and 20% from CNODC. The existing data points to a potential of 29 billion barrels of oil and natural gas in situ, considering the probable estimate (P50). It may be one of the largest fields in the country in the future.

Source: epbr

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