Petrobras and the partners in Libra get another five years to explore the block, in the Santos Basin pre-salt.

April 1, 2020

The ANP board approved the review of the discovery assessment plan (PAD) for well 3-BRSA-1267-RJS, an extension well for the original Libra discovery, which provides for additional campaigns in the Southeast and Central areas of the block.

– Southeast: the consortium led by Petrobras needs to decide on December 31 this year whether to commit to drilling an additional well or whether to return the area. Until then, Petrobras needs to complete the processing of seismic data – acoustic and elastic inversion over the LSRTM data.

– Central: decision time was for June 2024, also to decide whether to drill an exploration well or return the area. Until then, Petrobras is analyzing the application of a technology patented by the company to separate CO2 and increase oil recovery in pre-salt fields, HISEP.

– With the changes, the Libra exploration phase was extended for almost five years, from March 2020 (expired on the 1st), to February 28, 2025.

– Libra was the first block contracted by the production sharing model, in 2013. In it, the Mero field was discovered and delimited, in operation and with a production system sized in four FPSOs.

Source: epbr

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