Cosan applies for license to build Rota 4

Jan 17, 2020

 Cosan has applied for a license to build the second stage of the Rota 4 gas pipeline. The project will increase the transport capacity of gas production from the pre-salt fields, according to a document published by IBAMA.

Cosan wants to build the 313 km pipeline that will connect the Carcará and Norte de Carcará pre-salt fields operated by Equinor to a gas processing plant on Madeira Island, near the Itaguaí Port complex, in Rio de Janeiro, according to IBAMA. The pipeline will have the installed capacity to transport 10 to 15 million m3 / d.

The Rota 4B pipeline would also pass through the Mexilhão field, operated by Petrobras, which uses the field platform as a gas export center for fuel produced from pre-salt fields, such as Lula. Petrobras is also building a natural gas processing plant near Comperj and not far from Itaguaí port. The Rota 4B pipeline also has the participation of Petrobras, which recently signed a memorandum of understanding involving gas and electricity generation projects.

The pipeline is the latest in a series of natural gas infrastructure projects to gain momentum in recent months, after the government launched the Novo Mercado de Gás program earlier this year, with the aim of ending Petrobras’ monopoly , opening up the sector to an increase in competition that would reduce energy prices and attract greater private investment.

Source: TNPetroleo

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