Offshore gas flaring rules will be improved, ANP says

Jan 17, 2020

The ANP approved the resolution that deals with the procedures to control oil and natural gas burns and losses in E&P activities. The regulation revises ANP Ordinance No. 249/2000 and includes definitions of cases classified as ordinary burns, exempt from prior authorization, and procedures for authorization and validation of extraordinary burns.

The new resolution brings both devices to regulate procedures already used in inspection activities, but not yet foreseen in the previous regulation, as well as devices dedicated to the implementation of new tools to optimize the use of energy resources, by reducing the burning percentages.

The initiative complies with CNPE Resolution No. 17/2017, which defines, among the guidelines to be observed in the ANP’s Oil and Natural Gas Exploration and Production Policy: to promote, on an economic basis, the increase in the share of domestic natural gas production. service to the Brazilian market, including the reduction of natural gas flaring in exploration and production activities.

The review reinforces the work of the ANP to improve its regulatory mechanisms on natural gas flaring control, considering the technological advances, the change in the Brazilian production scenario, mainly due to the pre-salt deposits, and the appreciation natural gas as an energy resource, in the world and in Brazil, in particular, as a source for thermoelectric plants.

The resolution will take effect on the date of its publication in the Federal Official Gazette.

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