ANP authorizes Perenco to restart production at Pargo

January 14, 202o

Permission was given after meeting operational safety conditions at Polo Pargo

The ANP authorized Perenco to resume the operation of Polo Pargo last Friday (10/1). According to the agency, the permission was given after analysis that found the fulfillment of operational safety conditions.

Located in the Campos Basin, the hub comprises the Pargo Carapeba and Vermelho fields, acquired by Perenco in 2019. According to the Brazilian Navy, the Vermelho 1 (PVM-1) and Vermelho 2 (PVM-2) platforms were deactivated in November last year.

Neither, the ANP nor Perenco, has detailed the reasons why the units were temporarily decommissioned, but Petróleo Hoje found that this happened after inspection operations found nonconformities in the equipment.

A source from a governing body revealed that initially the plan was to set an asset transition schedule with targets to be met. “The interdiction was unnecessary. If so, the transitions of operations from the Petrobras divestment plan will be disastrous, ”he warned.

Installed on approximately 80 m water depths, the Vermelho 1, 2 and 3 platforms have the capacity to produce 12,580 thousand bopd and 60 thousand m³ / d of natural gas. Its first oil was extracted in 1989.

Source: BE Petroleo

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