JAN 8 , 2020

SOTREQ Caterpillar dealer will supply a package consisting of seven 3.45 MW gas generators to Eneva, which is responsible for gas exploration in the Azulão field. It is a project that will be integrated with TPP Jaguatirica II, in Roraima. After liquefied and stored in the Azulão, the gas will be transported in cryogenic tanker trucks for more than a thousand kilometers to Jaguatirica II, near Boa Vista. The generated energy will be interconnected to the electric transmission grid. Eneva’s commitment is to deliver 117 megawatts of power, equivalent to 70% Roraima consumption.

Sotreq-supplied gas generators will come from the Caterpillar plant in Germany, and this will be the first plant with the CG260 line in South America,  says gas applications manager Lucas Monteiro, since the generators will be the only source of energy available for Eneva to work in Campo do Azulão: “This is what we call the plant an island operation, ie without connection to the power grid . The trust placed in Sotreq to manage the project and Caterpillar technology is total. The generators are dedicated to the gas liquefaction process. The availability of our generation plant is paramount to keep the integrated project fully operational. ”

The Azulão project manager, Rafael Filippelli, stressed the confidence in the generators for the execution of the project: “Our intention is to harness the existing gas in the field as a source of energy. Then the gas generator brings the best solution and the most cost effective for the project. The ability to use Caterpillar generators already in operation worldwide and proven in other projects gives us the confidence to go with the solution. ”

Source: PetroNoticias

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