More time for Exxon and Azibrás to explore blocks in the Ceara and Potiguar basins

July 23, 2019

The ANP approved a two-year extension of the first phase of exploration of blocks CE-M-603 and POT-M-475, located in the Ceará and Potiguar basins, respectively. Both are operated by ExxonMobil in partnership with Azibras.

With this, the first exploratory period of the assets will expire in July, in the case of CE-M-603, and August of 2021 (POT-M-475).

ExxonMobil operates the CE-M-603 with a 50% stake and the POT-M-475 with a 35% stake. The blocks are the only ones in which Azibras has participation.

The North American oil company is a concessionaire of 29 blocks in the country, 12 in Campos, nine in Santos – including the areas of Uirapuru, North Carcará and Titã – six in Sergipe-Alagoas, one in Ceará and one in Potiguar Basin.

Source: BE Petroleo

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