Petrobras launches FPSO edicts for Santos Basin pre-salt projects Mero and Itapu

July 23, 2019

Petrobras has launched the tender documents for the chartering of the Itapu and Mero 3 FPSOs, Santos Basin production systems designed to go into production in 2023 and 2024, respectively.

As in the previous cases of Libra production units, Mero 3 is conducted under the letter of invitation regime. Petrobras demands an FPSO to produce 180,000 bopd, compress 12 million m³ / d of gas and inject 250,000 bpd,

Tendering has been scheduled for 19 December, but is likely to be relocated to 2020. The charter deadline is 21 years, and the average local content required is 40%.

The deadline for delivery of the unit will be 1,187 days, starting from the day following the date of Petrobras’ formal notification of acceptance of the winning bid.

Petrobras currently has two FPSOs under construction for Mero, one by Modec (Mero1) and one by SBM (Mero 2).

The bidding for Itapu is made by Petronect, Petrobras’ electronic purchasing portal. The submission of proposals was scheduled for December 20, but, like Mero 3, prevails the assessment that the deadline may be postponed to 2020.

The Itapu FPSO will have the capacity to produce 120,000 bopd and compress 3 million m³ / d of gas. The unit will have to be delivered to Petrobras 1,067 days after approval of the signing of the contract with the winning company and will be chartered for a period of 21 years. The minimum local content required for FPSO conversion is 25%.

The bidding for Itapu marks the chartering of the first production unit in a transfer of rights field. Petrobras is interested in exercising the preemptive right in Itapu and Búzios in the transfer of rights surplus auction scheduled for November 6.

In both bids, companies interested in participating will have to submit a proposal with a validity period of 210 days. Among the companies that received the invitation for the two bids are Modec, Saipem, SBM, Teekay, Ocyan, Yinson and Bluewater.

Petrobras currently has two not yet completed bids: one for the chartering of two units for the Marlim revitalization project, under negotiation with Yinson and Modec, and another for the Parque das Baleias FPSO, which should be closed with Yinson.

Some FPSO companies see the risk that Petrobras will have to relaunch new tenders if Yison chooses to sign a single FPSO contract.

New bids

In addition to the Mero 3 and Itapu bids, Petrobras has agreed to launch at least two new FPSO charters: one for the Sergipe-Alagoas unit at the end of the year and one for Mero 4 at the beginning of 2020.

In the market, it is commented that the oil company is also studying internally the release of a third tender, focusing on hiring an FPSO for the transfer of rights surplus, possibly for Buzios 6.

Source: BE Petroleo

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