Brazil will need four new refineries


June 17, 2019

Brazil will have demand for the construction of four new refineries by 2040. The estimate, presented by Marcelo Cavalcanti, deputy superintendent of the Energy Research Company (EPE), is that the country will need to jump its refining capacity from the current 2.34 million barrels per day to 3.27 million barrels per day in two decades. “There will certainly be demand for the construction of new refineries. That coincides with the projects of the second refinery train at the Abreu e Lima Refinery (RNEST) and also with the Comperj project, ”

The Brazilian refining market will certainly change over the next few years. Last week, by a majority of votes, Cade approved Petrobras’ proposal to sell eight refining units and close the process that investigates abuses of the company’s dominant position in the market. The Termination Commitment Term (TCC) was signed shortly after the audience.

On the same day, the president of Petrobras, Roberto Castello Branco, confirmed that the company is studying the construction of a gas-fired thermoelectric plant at the Rio de Janeiro Petrochemical Complex (Comperj). The completion of the feasibility study for a joint venture with China’s state-owned CNPC is scheduled for September.

CNPC is a partner of Petrobras in the Mero field, in the Santos Basin, and also negotiates with Petrobras to enter the Marlim fields in the Campos Basin.

Source: epbr

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