MME – Proposal for new gas regulatory framework expected in June

The government is due to present to Congress this month the proposal for a new regulatory framework for natural gas, called “New Gas Market,” said Minister of Mines and Energy Bento Albuquerque.

During a ceremony to launch the Petrobras Integrated Program for Duct Protection (Pro-Ducts), the minister also said that the Brazilian government should have some kind of cooperation agreement with the United States and Israel to exchange information on theft of oil and oil products in oil pipelines.

“This practice [fuel theft] distorts competition in the industry as it is sold without taxes and quality assurance. It is necessary to eliminate this criminal practice. I believe that soon we will have some kind of cooperation with Israel and the US to exchange information, “he said.

Albuquerque said that “it takes creativity” to adopt measures to combat theft in pipelines and that it is in favor of using research, development and innovation resources to that end.

In addition, the minister said that talks with the Minister of Justice, Sergio Moro, to work together to combat evasion and fraud in the fuel market.

Source: Valor Online

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