Fugro provides data from the Atlantic Ocean


Fugro has made available 110,000 km² of high-resolution bathymetric data from the northern portion of the Atlantic Ocean to two projects that study seabed mapping, the company said on Friday.

The data was made available to the Seabed 2030 project – which aims to develop a bathymetric ocean bottom map by 2030 – and to the Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance (AORA), a foundation formed by the European Union, USA and Canada that studies the Atlantic Ocean. Currently, less than 20% of the ocean is mapped using modern research standards.

The latest Fugro data were acquired by Fugro Discovery vessels on the Scotland-United States route and by Fugro Searcher during the Brazil-Canada route. The data collection takes place while the ship moves, making the acquisition possible during the journey.

At the moment, this type of technology is restricted to seven Fugro vessels, but the company’s intention is to implement it throughout the global research fleet. Today Fugro has about 450 thousand km² in data collected in the Atlantic Ocean.

Earlier this month, the company signed a contract with Petrobras to charter a RSV to support ROV operations.

Source: Brazil Energy

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