Brazil – 170 offshore wells in play

May 23, 2019

BE Petroleo details projects submitted to IBAMA by operators between 2018 and this year

A universe of approximately 170 wells. This is the scope of offshore E & P projects whose characterization sheets have been submitted to IBAMA since 2018 by offshore asset operators in the country, according to a survey by BE Petróleo.

There are, in all, 19 projects underway or to be started, distributed in seven basins – most of them in Santos and Campos (nine in the first, four in the second and one involving the two). Following are Foz do Amazonas, with two developments, Sergipe-Alagoas (one) and Jequitinhonha (one).

The Norwegian Equinor accounts for the largest number of wells surveyed: 58 in three projects, one exploration (North Carcará, with five wells) and two development projects (Carcará, with 32 wells, and Peregrino ( 21 wells).

ExxonMobil has three projects involving 33 wells in blocks BM-C-753, BM-C-789, BM-S-536, BM-S-647 and Titan (17); SEALM-351, SEAL-M-428, SEAL-M-430, SEAL-M-501, SEAL-M-503 and SEAL-M-573 (11); and BM-C-37 and BM-C-67 (five).

Following are Shell and Petrobras, with 21 wells each.

The Anglo-Dutch company submitted to IBAMA four projects foreseen activities in the blocks.

BM-S-54 and South of Gato do Mato (ten wells), CM-791 (three wells), Alto de Cabo Frio Oeste (five wells) and Saturno (three wells).

Petrobras enterprises are related to blocks BM-J-4 and BM-J-5 (11 wells), Alto de Cabo Frio Central (six) and Manati (six).

Following are Enauta (ex-QGEP), with 12 wells referring to the definitive production system of the Atlanta field; Total (eight wells in Lapa); Karoon (seven wells in Neon and Goiá in Santos); PetroRio (five wells in the Foz do Amazonas Basin); and BP Energy (three wells in Pau Brazil).

Check below, the detail of each of the projects per operator:

Projects per Operator Brazil



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