Reinforcement in the fleet of MSUs



Petrobras will sign, by the end of May, three new contracts for chartering of Maintenance and Security Units (MSUs), reinforcing its offshore fleet.

Two will sign with Prosafe and OOS International, which presented the lowest daily rates for Safe Eurus (US $ 73.1 thousand) and OOS Tiradentes (US $ 79.6 thousand), respectively, and another with GranIHC, for MSU Olympia (US $ 47 thousand / day).

Safe Eurus and OOS Tiradentes were contracted in the same tender to operate along the coast for a period of three years, starting between September and October.

The contract with MSU Olympia provides for short-term support to the FPSO P-50, in the field of Albacora Leste, in the Campos Basin. With a duration of 90 days, the campaign will begin between August and September.

The use of the reverse auction model for flotilla chartering proved to be very efficient for Petrobras, ensuring low daily rates.

The expectation is that Petrobras will launch, until the end of the year, new calls to charter MSUs, maintaining the strategy of contracting through a reverse auction, including a bid to contract new unit for the Santos Basin.

Source: Brazil Energy Magazine


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