Brazil production platforms that produced the most in the decade


The FPSO Cidade de Itajaí reached, in the last week, the mark of 100 million bopd produced in the field of Baúna, in the Santos Basin. Operated by the 50/50 Teekay-Ocyan joint venture, the FPSO was installed six years ago, in a water depth of 1 thousand m.

According to ANP data, the city of Itajaí occupied the 30th position in the ranking of accumulated oil production per platform in the country since January 2009, with 99,080 million barrels of oil and 5 million barrels of oil. natural gas extracted. The average daily production of the unit in that month was 13.5 thousand bopd and 636.6 boed gas.

The list is headed by the semi-submersible P-52, in the Roncador field, which produced until February of this year 435.5 million barrels of oil, in addition to 53.6 million boe of natural gas, with daily averages of 75 thousand bopd and 9,300 boed gas. The unit started operating in 2007.

The P-52 platform, in the Roncador field: unit has the largest accumulated oil production in the country in the decade

Among the top five are the P-54 (333 million barrels of oil / 39.7 million boe of gas); P-43 (274.6 million barrels of oil / 22.2 million boe of gas); P-51 (263 million barrels of oil / 29.8 million boe of gas); and P-53 (261.6 million barrels of oil / 28.3 million boe of gas).

In sixth position is the FPSO P-57, platform with the largest accumulated water production in the country: 487.47 million barrels (bbl). The volume is higher than that of oil (244.5 million barrels) and gas (11.6 million boe) added since the start of its operation, in 2010, in Jubarte field.

Among other units that have produced more water than oil and gas together are the P-40, in the Marlim Sul field; P-50 (Albacora Leste); P-48 (Caratinga); P-37 (Marlim); P-25 (Albacore); P-35 (Marlim); P-18 (Marlim), City of Vitória (Golfinho); Peregrino B (Peregrino); P-08 (Marimbá); P-26 (Marlim Sul); City of Rio de Janeiro (Espadarte); Pampo-1 (Pampo); and Namorado-2 (Namorado).

Daily production

The ranking is quite different in terms of daily production. In this case, the first position in February was occupied by the FPSO Cidade de Maricá, in the Lula field, with extraction of 146 thousand bopd, in addition to 30.8 thousand boed of natural gas. The P-52 appears in 11th place, with an average of 75 thousand bopd.

The platform with the highest daily water production is P-57 (246.6 thousand bbl / d), while FPSO Cidade de Itaguaí is the unit that produced the most natural gas daily in February, with an average extraction of 41.3 thousand boed .

Source: Brazil Energy Magazine

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