Petrobras could be fined for not exploring Jequitinhonha pre-salt


The ANP rejected a request from Petrobras for cancellation of the firm commitment of the Discovery Assessment Plan (PAD) of the well 1-BRSA-768-BAS, in the pre-salt of the Jequitinhonha Basin. The operator based its request on the difficulty to obtain environmental license.

The PAD was approved by the ANP with a firm commitment to the processing of three-dimensional seismic data and geological and geophysical interpretation, as well as drilling.

According to the agency, Petrobras has acknowledged the company’s failure to comply with its firm commitment to drill the well, which will impose a fine on the company.

Exploitation in the area resulted in a breakthrough, but asset development did not continue. The PAD was suspended in 2011 because of the delay in environmental licensing. In 2017, Petrobras fully returned the block to ANP.

For the agency, the abandonment of well drilling affects the exploration in the Jequitinhonha Basin, since well test data would be fundamental to evaluate the extent of the findings, especially since it is a pre-salt reservoir.

Block BM-J-3A was acquired in the fourth round of bids by Petrobras (100%), and the exploratory phase was established in nine years, divided into three periods.

Source: Brazil Energy Magazine

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