US $ 11 billion in contracts in Brazil


Country to lead business associated with new offshore production projects in South America, predicts Rystad Energy

New offshore production projects in Brazil are expected to move approximately $ 11 billion in contracts this year, according to Rystad Energy survey. The country will dominate the scenario in South America, with eight of the top ten projects to be approved in the region in 2019.

The estimated volume considers maintenance contracts and operations, well and commodity services, drilling, EPCI (Engineering, Supplies, Construction and Installation), subsea and seismic.

Jubarte is the project with the potential to move the largest amount, in the order of US $ 2.3 billion. The field is part of the integrated project of Parque das Baleias, which will begin production in 2022.

For the same year, the first oil of Mero 2 (US $ 1.7 billion) is scheduled, with the FPSO being tendered and recently had its submarine interconnection services (SURF) contracted with TechnipFMC.

Following are Búzios V (US $ 1.6bn), Itapu (US $ 1.4bn), Revitalization of Marlim 1 (US $ 1.3bn), Revitalization of Marlim 2 (US $ 1.2bn) Atlanta ($ 1.2 billion) and Neon ($ 350 million).

Among these projects, Búzios V is the only one with the first oil expected in 2021. The FPSO that will produce in the area is being negotiated by Petrobras and Modec.

The Marlim FPSOs 1 and 2 are also in bidding. The first will have the capacity to produce 80 thousand bopd and compress 7 million m³ / d of gas and the second, 70 thousand bopd and 4 million m³ / d of gas. It is expected that Marlim 1 will start producing in 2022 and Marlim 2 in 2023.

The Itapu platform has not yet had an open acquisition process by Petrobras. The first field oil, which has in situ oil volumes of about 1.3 billion barrels, is scheduled for 2023.

Operated by QGEP, the Atlanta field is being tested via the Advanced Production System (SPA) with the FPSO Petrojarl I (35 thousand bopd). The definitive system will have the capacity to produce 100 thousand bopd, according to the development plan of the field approved by the ANP.

The list of Brazilian projects is completed by the field of Neon, Karoon, which has until July to present the asset development plan to the regulatory agency.

Source: BE Petroleum

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