Petrobras seeks Shallow Diving Support Vessel


Petrobras has opened a tender to charter a vessel of the SDSV (Shallow Diving Support Vessel) type to carry out specialized technical services for inspection and maintenance of submarine systems and equipment, with diving up to 50 m.

The vessel may be operated at any point along the Brazilian coast in a water depth of up to 3,000 m in order to support diving operations.

Among the services provided are the inspection of flexible and rigid ducts, umbilicals and electrical cables, production platforms and other naval structures, as well as pipeline repairs.

Navigation in the Bay of Guanabara

Transpetro, the petroleum logistics subsidiary, is hiring a company to transport passengers and small cargoes in Guanabara Bay (RJ).

The service provider must operate the Ilha do Governador and Ilha D’água vessels, as well as two own vessels with a capacity for 80 people, between the Barão Bridge and the Ilha D’Água and Ilha Comprida terminals.

Source: Brasil Energia

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