From Davos to Brazil, CEO of Total, Patrick Pouyanné, meets with director general of ANP


January 27, 2019

After a meeting last Thursday with Economy Minister Paulo Guedes in Davos, Switzerland, Total CEO Patrick Pouyanné headed to Brazil. Tomorrow, he meets with the director general of the National Petroleum Agency (ANP), Décio Oddone, at the agency’s headquarters in Rio de Janeiro.

Total is now the only private pre-salt production operator in the Santos Basin, with the acquisition of Petrobras’ stake in the Lapa field. Total has actively participated in the pre-salt oil auctions after the end of Petrobras’ sole operation. It closed partnerships with Petrobras and BP, but ended up not being able to take areas in the auctions.

It is looking together with Petrobras for onshore and offshore wind projects in the country and also has participation in non-associated natural gas projects that are under development such as the discovery of Pão de Açúcar.

And it is precisely the projects of natural gas and renewables that Pouyanné sees growth of the performance of the company in the country. In an interview, still in Davos, for the CNBC network, he said that the company will continue to invest in hydrocarbons, but more natural gas than oil.

“We want to fundamentally reduce the CO2 content of the energy products we sell to our customers, we have the ambition to reduce it by at least 25% by 2040, 15% by 2030. We are on this path, new segment on low-carbon electricity and we spend more than $ 2 billion a year. In 2018 it was more than that because we made a big acquisition, “said Total CEO.

The company’s ambition in the path of electrification leads to a greater demand for natural gas. “The electricity market will also require natural gas and renewable energy. It is the recipe for future growth for my company, and I want Total to remain one of the leading energy companies by 2040, “he says.

In March 2017, Total entered into a strategic partnership with Petrobras, which in addition to the sale of the Lapa field operation, foresees the sale of a 50% interest in Termobahia, including thermoelectric plants Rômulo de Almeida and Celso Furtado. The two thermoelectric plants are connected to the regasification terminal, located in São Francisco do Conde, Bahia, where Total will have access to the regasification capacity to supply gas for thermoelectric plants.

Source: epbr

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