TGS prepares new campaign in the Campos Basin


TGS began in February the acquisition of 14 thousand km² of seismic data in the Campos Basin. The campaign will cover blocks auctioned at the last rounds, as well as areas that will be offered by ANP in future rounds, such as the 16th of concessions and the 6th of production sharing, scheduled for this year.

In the 16th round, 17 blocks will be auctioned in three sectors: SC-AUP-4, with blocks C-M-845, C-M-847, C-M-825, C-M-795, C-M-757 and C-M-713; SC-AP-4 (C-M-659, C-M-602, C-M-604, C-M-541, C-M-543 and C-M-477); and SC-AUP3 (C-M-715, C-M-661, C-M-606, C-M-545 and C-M-479).

In the next pre-salt auction the Campos Basin will have only one area offered: Norte de Brava.

TGS’s Project and Sales Development Manager, Jefferson Santos, said there will be an “extraordinary” increase in seismic campaigns in Brazil in 2019.

“Mainly because several proprietary and speculative environmental licensing processes are in the final analysis stage at Ibama.”

At the moment, the company, in partnership with Spectrum, carries out a 3D campaign of 15 thousand km² in international waters in the Santos Basin. The works comprise the blocks offered in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th rounds of the pre-salt and the 15th round of concession, carried out between 2017 and last year.

Source: Brasil Energia

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