Permanent Offer: ANP announces nine more registered companies and environmental guidelines of 494 areas


The ANP published today in the DOU a list with nine other companies approved for the Permanent Offer. The Agency is also announcing the environmental guidelines of 494 areas planned to be included in the tender offer. Know more:

New registrations 

– Central Resources do Brasil Produção de Petróleo Ltda.

– Construtora Kamilos Ltda.

– Eagle Exploration of Oil and Gas Ltda.

– Eneva S.A

– Cranes Brazil Locação de Equipamentos Ltda.

– Petrosunergy Ltda.

– Petro-Victory Energia Ltda.

– Tucano Oil and Gas Support Services Eirelli

– Wintershall do Brasil Exploração e Produção Ltda.

With the approvals, the Permanent Offer already has a total of 28 companies registered and able to submit a declaration of interest.

Environmental Guidelines

884 blocks were selected for the first stage of the Permanent Offering in 14 sedimentary basins and 14 areas with marginal accumulations, being about 80% in terrestial basins and 20% in sea basins. Of the 884 blocks, 158 are already on offer.

Based on Technical Report GTPEG nº 05/2018 and on the opinions of the State Environmental Entities, on December 31, 2018 an MME-MMA Joint Manifestation was signed, which allows for the inclusion of a further set of 494 blocks and 14 areas with accumulations marginal.

In order for these 494 blocks to be included in the tender offer, they must be approved by the board and submitted to a public hearing.

In compliance with CNPE Resolution 17/17, the areas offered in the bidding rounds promoted by the ANP are previously analyzed for environmental feasibility by the state environmental agencies and by the Interinstitutional Working Group on Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Activities ( GTPEG). The objective of this joint work is to eventually exclude areas due to environmental restrictions due to overlap with locations where oil and natural gas exploration and production (E & P) activities are not possible or recommendable and, as a result of this analysis, environmental agencies elaborate opinions containing environmental guidelines and recommendations for environmental licensing, which allow the future concessionaire to include the environmental variable in its technical and economic feasibility studies of oil and natural gas E & P projects.

What is the Permanent Offer

The Permanent Offer consists of the continuous supply of areas for exploration and production of oil and natural gas. Decree No. 9,641 / 2018 was published on December 28, 2018, which delegates authority to the ANP to define blocks in terrestial basins to be tendered under the concession regime in the Permanent Offer. Until then, the Resolution of the National Council for Energy Policy (CNPE) No. 17/2017 only authorized the inclusion of areas returned or already tendered in the Permanent Offer. With the new decree, all land areas, including new blocks, will be offered to the market through the Permanent Offer, with no more conventional concession auction for terrestial areas. The matter was approved by CNPE at a meeting on 09/11/2018.

The registration of the Permanent Offer remains open, but according to the rules of the Permanent Bidding notice, once the application for registration has been approved by CEL, bidders may submit at any time the declaration of the sectors of interest, accompanied by a bid guarantee, initiating a cycle of the Permanent Offer.

Source: ANP

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