Oil transhipment operations at Porto do Açu in 2018 increased by 235% compared to 2017



With the completion of 40 oil transhipment operations in 2018,  Açu Petróleo , the partnership between Prumo Logística and Oiltanking , which operates in Porto do Açu, had a 235% increase compared to operations carried out in 2017.

The company has totaled 61 operations since the beginning of its activities, and this rapid growth may represent a milestone for the company, which began operating just over two and a half years in August 2016.

In addition, Açu Petróleo, during 2018, carried out its first operation with VLCC (Very Large Crude Carrier) type vessels, which has a storage capacity of up to 2 million barrels of crude oil, and an investment cost of 400 million reais in dredging the channel and of the basin to 25 meters to be able to operate this type of ship.

Last year, 9 VLCCs carried out transhipment operations at the terminal. And with the works for adaptation, T-Oil became the only private terminal in the country capable of receiving VLCC type ships.

“At the Açu Petroleum Terminal, the transhipment operation is carried out in an area sheltered by breakwater, allowing a fast and safe operation, being very little affected by adverse weather conditions, which is reflected in a lower overall cost for our customers . This is our differential, “Açu Petróleo CEO Victor Bomfim was quoted by newspaper Folha1.

The T-Oil terminal is capable of carrying out 3 oil transhipments simultaneously and is licensed to handle up to 1.2 million barrels of oil per day, and for this year, expectations are for growth in operations and new investments.

“With the resumption of the oil and gas industry and the prediction of a 70% growth in oil production in Brazil over the next 10 years, efficient logistics will be required to support the growing export curve, which is more than doubling. In this scenario, we will also start work on investment in a Terminal Oil Crushing Plant, which will also have treatment, blending and de-watering services, “said Victor Bomfim.

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