Nomination to the Board of Directors of Petrobras

Rio de Janeiro, January 16, 2019 – Petróleo Brasileiro SA – Petrobras informs that it received a letter from Mr. John Milne Albuquerque Forman resigning from his nomination, by the controlling shareholder, to be a member of the Company’s Board of Directors, as disclosed in a press release of 01/14/2019.

Forman thanked for the invitation to participate in the Board of Directors and stated that the reasons for such a decision are personal, in order to avoid any discomfort or problem for the company, considering the news reported by the media since his appointment regarding a conviction in a CVM proceeding, which is currently under discussion in the judiciary.

Petrobras will promptly disclose to the market as soon as it receives from its controlling shareholder the new nomination for the vacancy that remains open on the company’s Board of Directors.

Petrobras reaffirms that any nomination is subject to the company’s corporate governance procedures, including the respective conformity and integrity analyzes necessary for Petrobras’ succession process, with deliberation by the Nominating, Compensation and Succession Committee, and by the Board of Directors and, later, by the General Shareholders’ Meeting.


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