Operators to drill more than 180 wells in 2019



The commitments agreed by the block and field operators in Brazil with the ANP foresee 183 wells in 2019, 149 in assets in the production phase and 34 in exploratory projects. The information was shared by the agency with BE Petróleo.

Most of the wells programmed will be drilled in the Potiguar (33) and Espírito Santo (33) basins. Following are the basins of Santos (31), Sergipe (24), Campos (24), Recôncavo (22), Parnaíba (9), Alagoas (4), Solimões (1), Foz do Amazonas (1) and Barreirinhas (1).

The basins with the highest number of exploratory wells are those of Santos and Recôncavo, with nine in each case. At the other end, the Potiguar Basin appears with the largest number of production wells (32).


For the coming year, the acquisition of 1,425 km² of seismic data in exploration areas. Of this total, there will be 1,195 km² of 3D data in the basins of Alagoas (50 km²), Espírito Santo (750 km²), Recôncavo (174 km²) and Sergipe (221 km²), in addition to 240 km² of 2D data in the Parnaíba.

In the production phase, the ANP estimates that 14 seismic campaigns will be conducted, nine in Campos to collect 1378.43 km² of data, four in Santos (3145.45 km²) and one in Alagoas (4 km²).

Source: Brasil Energia

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