QGEP announces date for drilling of new Atlanta well



Third well will be decisive for defining the future of the definitive project of the first offshore deepwater field operated by the Brazilian oil company

Queiroz Galvão Exploration & Production (QGEP) plans to begin drilling the third well of Atlanta’s early production system in the Santos Basin at the end of February. The campaign will be run by the Laguna Star drill ship, chartered by Constellation (QGOG), and will last for about 60 days.

In addition to drilling the new well, the rig will campaign to replace Baker’s internal pumps installed in the two wells in operation. The Atlanta system has been in operation since May and has been producing about 13,000 barrels / day of oil, through two producing wells linked to the FPSO Petrojarl I.

The QGEP forecast is that the campaign be finalized between July and August. With the start of operation of the third well and the replacement of the two pumps, it is estimated that field production will reach 25,000 barrels per day to 27,000 barrels per day of oil.

According to Lincoln Guardado, president of the oil company, with two months of operating results from the three wells it will be possible to define the future of the definitive project in Atlanta, that is, if it will have its development approved. Preliminary studies design the first oil for the period 2021/2022, with a new FPSO, that would be interconnected to 12 wells, being nine new and three remnants of the SPA.

The Laguna Star is undergoing small docking works before starting the QGEP campaign and will have to be inspected by Ibama. The rig had been operating for Petrobras, but its contract was finalized in October.

QGEP is responsible for the operation of the Atlanta field and holds a 30% stake, in partnership with Barra Energia (30%) and Dommo Energia (40%). QGEP and Barra are in court against Dommo, which for two years has not honored the consortium’s financial commitments. The dispute is being discussed in international arbitration.

Source: Brazil Energy

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