Petrobras seeks two MSUs



Bidding foresees the chartering of units to operate in Brazilian waters for three years

Petrobras will receive until January 14 proposals for the chartering of two maintenance and security units (MSU) for a period of three years in Brazilian waters.

The bidding is divided into two lots, both providing for the contracting of a semi-submersible. The first includes, as an alternative, ship chartering specifically built for the maintenance service in marine production units.

MSUs shall provide accommodation for at least 450 employees, dynamic positioning (DP), gangway and cargo handling (cranes, hoists, forklifts), and be capable of operating in water depth greater than 80 m.

Currently, there are at least six MSUs in Brazil: OOS Gretha and OOS Tiradentes, from OOS; Olympia I, from Great Energy; Aquarius Brasil, from Poseidon Maritime Services; and Safe Concordia and Safe Notos, from Prosafe.

Most of these vessels operate (or have been operating) for Petrobras. The exception is Safe Concordia, which contracts with Modec until March 2019.

Source: Brazil Energy

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