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Petrobras this week began the non-binding phase of the sale of its holdings in the land fields of Lagoa Parda, Lagoa Parda Norte and Lagoa Piabanha in Espírito Santo. Together, Lagoa Parda’s cluster produced 35 boed in October, according to more recent ANP data.

BE Petróleo details the production of the other fields included in the Petrobras divestment plan, according to its new business plan (2019-23).

The portfolio of fields for sale by Petrobras amounts to about 115 thousand bopd, being 90 thousand bopd  and 4 million m³ / d of natural gas, considering the percentage of participation on offer and the total volume produced in October.

In all, there are 51 fields that extracted oil and / or gas that month, representing 80% of the 64 fields operated by Perrobras or in which the company has a stake that are for sale.

The field with the highest volume of production on offer is that of Baúna, with 24 thousand bopd in October, being 22.7 thousand bopd. Tartaruga Verde (15.5 thousand bopd), Piranema (13.8 thousand bopd), Marimbá (12 thousand bopd) and Pampo (10.5 thousand bopd) appear in sequence, completing the first five positions.

With seven fields in production, the Campos Basin accounts for 44% of production on offer (50 thousand bopd). It is followed by the basins of Santos (24 thousand bopd), Sergipe (21 thousand bopd), Potiguar (9 thousand bopd), Ceará (5 thousand bopd), Recôncavo (4,6 thousand bopd) and Espírito Santo (291 bopd).

Considering the division by cluster made by Petrobras, that of Enchova, in Campos, is the one that registered the highest production in October: 24 thousand bopd. On land, the cluster with the highest production on offer is that of Macao, in the Potiguar Basin (5,000 bopd).

Last week, Petrobras closed the sale of the 34 fields of the Riacho da Forquilha cluster and the three shallow waters of the Campos Basin to 3R and Perenco, respectively. Land assets extracted 6,000 bopd in October, while offshore produced 9,200 bopd in the period.

The 13 fields for sale that did not produce in that month are Maromba, Piranema Sul, Espadarte, Sirizinho, Cioba, Dourado, Tatuí, Bicudo, Piraúna, Badejo, Trilha, Merluza and Lagosta.

In addition to assets already declared commercial, Petrobras is selling the exploratory blocks BM-SEAL-4, BM-SEAL-4A, BM-SEAL-10 and BM-SEAL-11 in deep waters of the Sergipe-Alagoas Basin.

The survey of BE Petróleo did not consider the seven fields of the Buracica cluster (Buracica, Fazenda Panelas, Fazenda Matinha, Conceição, Quererá, Fazenda Santa Rosa, Lagoa Branca), which ended up excluded from the divestments of Petrobras. In October, these assets produced 3,500 bopd.

The fields of Pampo and Enchova are in negotiation with Ouro Preto Oil and Gas, which presented lower price for the assets, according to a statement released in July this year by Petrobras.

Source: BE Petroleo

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