Ocyan, Magma and Brasfels form joint venture for risers system


The three companies have come together to produce and market a riser tower system that enables hybrid solution

Ocyan, Magma and Brasfels signed on Tuesday (4/12) an agreement for the production and commercialization of CompRiser solution, a riser tower system that makes possible a hybrid system of such equipment. The signing of the alliance took place with the presence of executives from the three companies at Ocyan’s headquarters in Rio de Janeiro.

The main market sought by the joint venture is the deep and ultra-deep Brazilian waters. In this way, the idea of ​​companies is to offer operators a solution to meet the challenges imposed by the use of flexible lines in situations of high temperature and pressure and the presence of corrosive gases (CO2 and H2S).

Thus, the group should keep an eye on the hiring of the next Petrobras FPSOs. However, the markets of West Africa and Mexico are also in the sights of the new company. The joint venture plans to close the first business as early as 2019. However, group executives do not risk a market share for the new system. At the moment, the operation will not involve resources from any of the three companies.

The CompRiser is a riser tower system created in partnership with Magma Global. All engineering and detailing of the project is from Ocyan and the system will use the mpiper composite, manufactured by Magma. The great news today was the announcement of Brasfels as a partner of the joint venture, where the systems sold will be assembled. Initially, the companies’ plan was to subcontract Brasfels to assemble the equipment. However, the companies decided to bring the yard into the project.

“To set up the tower in Brazil would be a complication, so we brought Brasfels into the partnership, because we needed someone with that expertise,” said Ocyan Vice President Jorge Luiz Mitidieri.

Source: Brazil Energy

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