Ensco drill rig goes to the deep waters of French Guiana


The rig, which was being negotiated by Total Brasil, will operate in the neighboring country, contracted by Total Guyana.


The Ensco drill rig DS-9 departed last week from Cape Town, South Africa, to French Guiana, where it will make its debut campaign for Total Guyana. The work program foresees the drilling of an exploratory well in deep waters, lasting about four months.

The drill rig is expected to arrive on the second week of December. Thus, the campaign’s start is being projected for the window between the end of December and the beginning of January.

The Guyana campaign will mark the first work of the DS-9. The rig was built in Korea and, a few months ago, was moored in Singapore waiting for a contract.

The rig has been sailing by its own propulsion itself. The stop in Cape Town was aimed at finishing the shipment of the crew of the unit.

Lapa and Foz do Amazonas

The DS-9 was being negotiated by Ensco to attend Total Brasil’s campaigns. Initially, the company presented the best price for the campaing of the French oil company at Foz do Amazonas, but as the environmental license remains indefinite, the hiring ended up being shelved.

In a second more recent initiative, the rig company again offered the DS-9 in the consultation for the Lapa campaign in the Santos Basin, again offering the best daily rate. At the time, Ensco quoted a rate of about $ 200,000 / day, but although it was the best price, the two companies officially did not come up with any formal deals.

Despite not having agreed to hire the rig, sources consulted by BE Petróleo reported that the French company plans to start the drilling campaign in the Santos Basin. The campaign in the Lapa field calls for the drilling of at least three wells, within a year.

The evaluation of market sources is that despite the uncertainties, Ensco continues betting on the possibility of contracting DS-9 to Brazil. In this way, the company would plan to keep the unit close until the possible closure of the contract.

The Lapa field, operated by Total, is currently producing 37.7 thousand barrels / day of oil and 1.3 million m3 / day of gas.

Source: Brazil Energy

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