Alvopetro contracts gas pipeline construction in Bahia


Construction should begin in March 2019 and by September the pipeline should already be operational

Alvopetro has contracted the Brazilian company Tecmaster for the construction of the pipeline that will connect the Caburé field in the Recôncavo Basin to the gas unit that is being built by Enerflex. The total pipeline project for the 11 km pipeline is budgeted at $ 3.5 million. Construction is scheduled to start in March 2019 and by September the pipeline is expected to be operational.

The agreement for the sale of gas from Caburé was made with Bahiagás in May of this year. Alvopetro plans to deliver the first gas to Bahiagás by the end of next year.

Alvopetro has a stake in the fields of Caburé (49.1%) and Gomo (100%), both in the Recôncavo Basin. In partnership with Suez, it owns 65% of the REC-T-57, REC-T-62, REC-T-71 and REC-T-145 concessions, also in the Recôncavo. In September, the company’s oil and gas production was 17 boe / day.

Source: Brazil Energy

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