PPSA defends revision of the pre-salt polygon


The president of Pre-Salt Oil (PPSA), Ibsen Flores Lima, defended the revision of the polygon of the pre-salt. During an event held by the distribution company and the agency epbr, the executive said there is no point in keeping areas of lesser attractiveness within the pre-salt polygon and that the sharing regime should be adopted for large projects.

In practice, Lima defends the end of the delimitation of the polygon of the pre-salt, with the maintenance of the strategic area concept, as a way of improving the current model. The executive argues that under the current system of the polygon there are areas that end up not being auctioned for lack of attractiveness and others that are placed in the auctions of sharing, but are not of sufficient size to attract the companies interested in this type of business.

“For this there has to be a legal change, maintaining the concept of strategic area so that the government can always use this concept for the areas that really have high productivity. There has to be other areas, we see the equatorial margin, Sergipe-Alagoas, which is not necessarily pre-salt, but are also areas of high productivity that can be auctioned in the sharing model, “says PPSA’s CEO.

Although favorable to the end of the polygon, Lima criticized the discussions about the end of the model of sharing in Brazil. A debate of this magnitude, in its evaluation, would imply in a new paralysis of the sector.

“All the financial investor and oil companies want is stability in the rules. A change of this will stop the country and industry again for this to be discussed, “warns the executive.

The executive argues that the 14 areas already auctioned under the sharing regime hold investments for the next eight years, but continuity depends on the new rounds. He argues that it is important to keep what is working and bringing investment to the country.

Asked about the rumors of a possible closure of PPSA’s activities, Flores Lima once again stated that this issue is unfeasible today due to the 14 contracts in force. For now, the PPSA had no contact with the transition team of the government of Jair Bolsonaro. All exchange of information has been made through the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

PPSA faces a unique situation in the area of ​​oil. Today the entire management of the company is overdue a change, which includes the positions of Ibsen Flores Lima and the three directors Hercules Tadeu da Silva, responsible for the Management of Contracts, Paulo de Carvalho (Technical and Supervisory) and Leandro Leme Júnior (Administration, Control and Finance).

The four terms expired on November 14, but according to the rule, executives remain in office until the hammer comes down or new names are chosen.

Source: BE Petroleum

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