ANP and oil operators to discuss local content inspection


Agency will organize a workshop to discuss benchmarking, best practices and lessons learned


The ANP will organize, possibly in the second half of November, an event with the oil and gas operators to discuss local content inspection, the milestone of the development stage, lessons learned and good practices.

After this event, agency will actually start the process. The agencies will send to the operators a request for confirmation that the stage of development of the production has been completed and to define this statement as the milestone of the step. From the answers, it will define which projects will be scrutinized first.

The benchmarking framework will be set by listening to the operators for each case, because at the development stage it is not very clear. This is because, after the start of production of a system, there are still acquisitions that can be made by the operators to meet the local content requirements.

To arrive at a final model of local content monitoring for this stage, the agency conducted a pilot project with Petrosynergy. The oil company operates 16 concessions in the country, among which 15 are in the production phase. The concessions were awarded in rounds 0 (nine concessions); 2 (two concessions); 3 (one); 5 (one); 6 (one); 9 (one) and 13 (one). The project has not yet been completed.

It is estimated that the projects that will be subject to this inspection can generate billions of reais in fines. To prevent this billionaire liability from falling on the shoulders of oil companies, the ANP is studying alternatives to convert these fines into new investments with local content.

Source: Brazil Energy

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