Petrobras reduces ship fleet, but sees demand for new hires


In view of the growth in production and oil exports expected in 2019, Petrobras will have to return to the market to hire new vessels that transfer the production of the platforms to the coast, the so-called relief vessels, after cutting its fleet as per an operational efficiency program implemented in the last two years.

“Oil production today is higher than refining capacity. With the increase in production, therefore, there will be an increase in exports, which will require more relief, “said Roberto Ken Nagao, general manager of refining, transportation and marketing programming.

According to him, the company was able to cut its fleet of vessels of this type by 27% this year through system integration initiatives. The optimization of the fleet, which dropped from 37 vessels to 27, allowed the company to save about U$ 66 million between January and September.

This savings from the leasing of vessels was possible thanks to an operational improvement in the offloading operations, through the integration of systems, according to Petrobras. Nagao explains that the cut of the relief fleet was made through the optimization of operations. According to him, the operational efficiency program reduced the idleness of ships. “As a result, as the units’ rental agreements were maturing, we chose not to renew them. There was no breach of contracts, it was a process, “he said.

According to the manager, the system integration process began in 2016, but only this year came to be fully used to optimize operations. “The planning of offloading operations became more integrated with the refinery’s supply planning system. We have adopted a system with algorithms that considers inventory levels, scheduling of refinery allocation, management on board ships, the dates of relief and refinery supply, “Nagao said.

Source: Valor

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