Petrobras consultation for the charter of support vessels

– 10/22/18

Petrobras has opened a RFI (Request For Information) to collect information on support and special vessel operators mapped in its supplier registry. The objective is to promote improvements in charter procurement processes.

The document obtained by BE Petroleum presents technical specifications for the operation of PSVs, OSRVs (contingency operations), dive support vessels (DSVs and SDSVs), launch of flexible underwater lines (PLSVs), ROVs (RSOVs), subsea equipment (SESVs) and sand containment services, acidification, chemical treatments, stimulation and intervention in lines and ducts (WSSV).

Petrobras informs that it may request the entry of vessels in any port on the Brazilian coast, except for SESVs. In this case, ports designated for loading wet Christmas trees (ANMs) and other equipment are those of Triunfo Logística in Rio de Janeiro and CPVV in Vila Velha in Espírito Santo.


Source: Brazil Energy

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