US $ 19 billion for the Campos Basin

Investments of US $ 18.9 billion predicted until 2022 in the Campos Basin should boost dozens of new oil production projects and stop the region’s crisis with the generation of new jobs, the re-growth of business and the increase of royalties.

Optimism spills over the oil business, as well as other activities that revolve around the productive chain in the producing municipalities, hit hard by the crisis because of the drop in the value of the barrel, which dropped to US $ 30, against US $ 110 at the peak of the appreciation of the commodity in the international market.

The former director of the Campos Basin Regional Office, João Carlos de Luca, admitted in an interview that the resumption should represent a new cycle for the region with investments in mature fields and also in the pre-salt.

– Not only because of the resumption of investments in mature fields, due to the sale of these fields by Petrobras in the company’s divestment program, but with investments in the fields of the pre-salt layer, “said Luca.

The evaluation of the Municipal Superintendent of Petroleum, Science and Technology of São João da Barra, Wellington Abreu, carries an optimistic but more realistic view.

– I see it as good news, but also realistic. As much as the forecast of these investments is within the reality, nothing indicates that everything will be as before. Of course we will prepare for what will come from the sale of the mature fields and the pre-salt exploration, but the results will still take some time -.

In addition to investments in the Campos Basin, the superintendent of Science, Technology and Innovation in Campos, Romeu  Silva Neto, listed some other factors that represent a sum that will further boost regional development.

– The investments of US $ 10 billion in the Campos Basin, announced by Petrobras, are signs of resuming socioeconomic development not only in Campos, but in the whole region. Investments in the recovery of mature fields in the Campos Basin, pre-salt from the last auctions, investments in the construction of thermoelectric power plants and the Comperj (Rio de Janeiro State Petrochemical Complex), which will process the oil from the Basin of Campos, are the harbinger of the resumption of our economy – he said. Romeu also added that, on November 7, the First Regional Development Seminar of the municipalities of Ompetro will be held in Niterói.

Campos Basin more competitive

The investments up to 2022 point to the revitalization of the wells in the north coast of Rio de Janeiro and the rebalancing of the importance between the two basins. In February 2018, the Santos Basin surpassed for the first time the Campos Basin in production, becoming the country’s largest oil province with the advent of the pre-salt layer.

In 2014, the Campos Basin produced 1.7 million barrels of oil per day, but production fell by 33% by August of this year. Meanwhile, the Santos Basin recorded production increase in three times in this period.

From these investments of US $ 10 billion in partnerships in the mature fields, Petrobras is betting on the sale of historical fields, in addition to concentrating efforts in the attempt to contain the rhythm of decline in the production of the basin.

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