Ibama extends deadline for conversion of environmental fines


The deadline for requesting the conversion of environmental fines was extended to December 31 of this year, according to normative instruction published Wednesday by Ibama. The defendants will have until that date to express interest in joining the program of conversion of environmental fines in services of preservation, improvement and environmental recovery.

The defendant must also indicate the method of conversion (direct or indirect), regardless of project presentation, in a document addressed to the competent authority.

IBAMA will also publish, through an ordinance, the scripts and models foreseen in the normative instruction, that will be necessary for the application of the conversion of the fines.

The IN Nº 22 makes specific changes in IN No. 6, published in August. IN No. 6 is a chapter of the environmental sanctions process, which has existed since the Environmental Crimes Law (9,605 / 98).

Source: Brazil Energy

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