Petrobras has 19 E & P assets in the binding stage


With the entry of the Ceará Cluster into the binding phase of Petrobras’ asset divestment, announced on October 18, there are 19 asset pools at this stage, out of the 22 E & P assets offered for sale.

The Ceara Cluster sale, which includes the fields of Curimã, Espada, Atum and Xaréu, was launched in September last year. The process has taken more than a year – 405 days – the longest to date, considering the time interval between the teaser and the binding step.

However, there are other clusters up for sale longer. This is the case of Juruá, Maromba and the clusters of Enchova, Pampo, Pargo, Miranga, Buracica and Riacho da Forquilha. All of these have a term longer than 416 days for sale, being the longest Juruá, with 514 days on sale.

In addition, the ANP determined the termination of the Juruá concession contract and the inclusion of the area under the permanent offer regime. Petrobras could appeal the decision.

The fields of Ceará produce just under 5 thousand barrels of oil equivalent per day . This production is through 66 wells connected to five fixed platforms. In addition, they are located at a distance of 30 km from the coast, with depth of reservoir between 1,100 m and 2,600 m.

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