IBAMA studies integrated licensing of seismic campaigns


IBAMA is preparing a new resolution to integrate the initial phase of environmental licensing of seismic campaigns in the Campos, Espírito Santo and Santos basins. The plan is to publish the draft of the document, which will be in public consultation for about 20 days, in the coming weeks.

Announced in a meeting between representatives of the environmental body and companies in the sector, the measure aims to reduce the bottleneck of processes involving overlapping ventures in space and time in the regions.

The proposal is that, instead of initiating individual licensing, companies apply a Joint Activity Characterization Form (FCA) to Ibama. After the issuance of the term of reference, the companies would submit a joint plan indicating that there will be no interference between the data acquisition campaigns. Thus, they would give greater predictability to the institute’s environmental analysts in the individual analysis phase.

Currently there are about 20 licensing processes in the three basins underway at IBAMA. Those who are already in the last evaluation period will be prioritized. For those who do not have a study protocol, the recommendation will be to start composing a schedule to already deliver a joint study to Ibama.

According to the proposal, companies that choose not to participate in the joint process would lose priority among the projects presented. “It’s a clear demonstration that the agency expects industry to have prior understanding,” a source said.


Source: Brazil Energy


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