Brazil does not have the resources to explore the pre-salt, Bolsonaro

PSL candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, said on Tuesday night (9/10) that Brazil does not have the resources to explore the pre-salt. “We do not have the resources to explore the pre-salt. They broke Petrobras and in 20, 25, 30 years the energy will be different, “he said in an interview with journalist Rodolfo Schneider of Jornal da Band, talking about the possibility of privatizations.

The candidate’s speech may be an indication that his possible government intends to maintain the strategy adopted by the Michel Temer government to hold pre-salt auctions after the approval of Senator José Serra’s (PSDB / SP) bill that removed Petrobras as the sole operator of all areas in the pre salt. The Temer government has held four pre-salt auctions since October of last year, putting 13 new exploratory areas in production-sharing contracts in the country.

Bolsonaro is disputing the second round of the elections on the 28th October with Fernando Haddad (PT), who defends the paralysis of the pre-salt oil auctions. Last week, during a debate, Haddad criticized the change in rules for auctions of pre-salt areas and said that if elected, this will be reviewed on the first day of his rule.

The PSL candidate defended that parts of Petrobras could be privatized, such as the refining segment. “The refining, in my opinion, you can privatize,”he said. Petrobras is currently attempting to sell control of four refineries, two in the Northeast and two in the South, but halted the sale on account of a precautionary decision by Minister Ricardo Lewandowski that indicates that the sale of public or mixed capital companies must be approved by Congress .

Bolsonaro also defended the reduction of the tax burden for fuels in Brazil. “You can not have a predatory policy on fuel prices to save Petrobras and kill the Brazilian economy. Nobody wants Petrobras at a loss. But it also can not be a company that uses monopoly to make the profit it seeks. There is a lack of data and need better analysis of this. ”

The PSL candidate stated that he intends to keep Eletrobras as a public company. He said that it is not possible to leave the country’s power generation in the hands of third parties, but admitted privatizations in the distribution segment. “Electric power we will not touch. It is a political indications, which leads to inefficiency and corruption, “he commented.

The PSL candidate also says that he intends to merge the ministries of environment and agriculture to end the fighting between the two. “We can not  have this Shiite environmental activism in Brazil,” he said.

Bolsonaro said he has interviewed 350 lawmakers closed for his support base and confirmed that Onyx Lorenzoni will be the chief of staff of his possible government.

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