Petrobras campaigns with nodes in Búzios in November


Seabed Geosolutions receives authorization to start seismic with nodes in the Búzios field


Petrobras signed the service authorization for the beginning of the 3D seismic campaign with nodes in the Búzios field, in the Santos Basin. The mapping will be run by Seabed Geosolutions and will begin on November 1st.

The two vessels that will be used in the campaign, the SR / V Vantage, in charge of the seismic, and the M / V Subsea Viking nodes, are already being mobilized and will arrive in Brazil next week. The survey will cover an area of ​​1,000 km² of geological area and 1,6 thousand km² of area covered by nodes, with a shooting area of ​​2,7 thousand km². This will be one of the largest deep-water mapping with nodes in the oil industry.

The Búzios campaign will begin almost a year after the originally scheduled date. Petrobras’ schedule envisaged that work began last year, but difficulties in mapping the Libra area, run by Fairfield, affected work plans. The problem is that Ibama does not allow the simultaneous realization of two seismic campaigns with nodes in the same basin.

Petrobras even appealed to IBAMA in July for a special authorization to execute the two campaigns on a time share basis, but the environmental agency did not comment on the matter. The Libra survey is almost complete and will be finalized in October, exact one year after its start.

The Búzios campaign will include the installation of nodes and will be executed in water depths of up to 3,000 meters, and should last at least eight months.

Source: Brazil Energy

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