Number of blocks in the permanent offer may double


This increase will be due to the authorization of CNPE to include all onshore areas in the system


The number of blocks in the permanent supply system may double. This increase will be due to the CNPE having authorized, at the meeting of September 11, the inclusion of all areas of land basins in the system. Therefore, even areas that have not been tendered can be included in the list.

In addition, the resolution authorizes the inclusion of areas already contracted and returned, within the polygon of the pre-salt. This includes areas in the Campos Basin within the polygon, with post-salt potential.

The areas within the polygon of the pre-salt will be included in the system of permanent supply in the modality of production sharing. Petrobras will have the right of preference in the areas.

1st cycle of permanent supply

The ANP expects that by the end of this year all 884 areas of the first wave of permanent offer will be available to investors. These areas depend on the opinion of the state environmental agencies and IBAMA to enter the process.

By the end of 2019, the agency expects all of the approximately 2,000 areas of the two waves of the permanent supply to have their respective environmental views.

Currently, there are 15 companies registered for the blocks made available in the permanent supply system.

Source: Brazil Energy

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