Karoon to license FPSO to start production in 2021 in the Santos Basin


September 27, 2018

Karoon began the environmental licensing of its shallow water production project in the Santos Basin. The company filed an application with IBAMA for the project to produce oil in the Neon and Goiá fields, 240 km off the coast of the state of São Paulo, areas from the exploratory blocks SM-1037 and SM-1102 (Neon) and SM -1101 and SM-1165 (Goiá), in water depth between 300 and 400m.

The company’s forecast is to start producing by April 2021 with the drilling of production wells made between April and December 2020. The project for the Neon field is two horizontal producer wells and a directional gas injector well, individually linked to a FPSO  with capacity for 30 thousand barrels per day of oil and 1,200,000 sm³ / d of gas.

The produced oil will be drained through relieving vessels and the associated gas produced will be consumed in the internal combustion of electric power generators and oil heating system. The excess gas will be reinjected into the reservoir. There is no provision for the export or import of natural gas.

Karoon plans to develop the Goia field after Neon, relocating the production unit and its Neon facilities to Goia. Thus, the Goiás project will be defined after development of Neon and start of production in order to allow the incorporation of acquired experiences

Initially, water injection wells will not be drilled.

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