Equinor estimates that areas have the potential to supply 25% of Brazilian gas demand



The Pão de Açúcar and Carcará fields have the potential to supply up to 25% of Brazilian demand for natural gas, says Equinor’s senior vice president, Verônica Rezende Coelho. The development of new gas projects, however, will depend on the feasibility of the disposal of the input and the rules of gas commercialization in the country.

One of the options considered by the company to enable its production is the export via liquefied natural gas (LNG). The preference, however, is the Brazilian market. The executive emphasized the need for the next government to start the agenda of changes in the sector’s regulatory framework in the wake of the Gas for Growth agenda discussions. “It’s important not to lose sight,” he says.

Depending on what happens with the vote of the substitute to the bill 6407/13, which is in Congress,  it is on the radar of the company the construction of gas outflow infrastructure. Today there are regulatory difficulties for the construction of new pipelines.

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