Enseada Indústria Naval receives drilling rig


Ocyan drilling rig to undergo routine maintenance at the group’s yard in Bahia

The Enseada Indústria Naval group signed a contract with Ocyan to receive the Norbe VI drilling rig at its shipyard in Maragojipe, Bahia. The expectation is that the drilling rig will remain in the Paraguaçu Unit to undergo routine maintenance.

With capacity to drill in water depth of up to 2.4 thousand m, Norbe VI operated for Petrobras between July 2011 and the same month of this year. In the period, the semi-submersible carried out activities in 40 wells in the Campos, Santos and Espirito Santo basins.

Enseada’s New Business Director Ruffo Chiconelli believes that the possibility offered by the shipyard to receive rigs without the removal of thrusters could attract new spot contracts.

“Another advantage of our industrial park is the fact that we have an electrical substation of 29 MW of power, which enables the vessels to be energized without the need of own generation, resulting in savings for our customers,” he points out.

The Paraguaçu shipyard was built with the purpose of building drilling rigs for Sete Brasil. However, the contracts were suspended due to the financial crisis of the company, which is in judicial recovery.

In 2014, more than 7,000 employees came to work on the construction and operation stages of the venture.

” The contract with Norbe VI is not expected to perform services that require new staffing. However, if there are new orders or resumption of activities at the shipyard, Enseada could rehire thousands of workers “.

Source: Brazil Energy

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