Petrobras develops a compact ROV


Equipment promises greater flexibility and availability than current models

By the Editor

Petrobras has developed, in partnership with the French company Eca Hytec, a compact prototype ROV (remote operated vehicle) that promises greater flexibility, reaching more complex places and able to work in severe sea conditions.

The equipment will be presented to the market during the Mec Show, which will be held tomorrow (7/8), in Serra, in the Metropolitan Region of Vitória (ES). The idea is to evaluate the interest in the use of the solution and the availability of the Brazilian industrial park to produce the equipment.

According to Jorge Luiz Brito, Senior Inspector of Equipment and Facilities at Cenpes (Petrobras Research Center), the robot was originally designed to carry out class inspections on vessels, but new uses are now considered.

“It has a compact size and can make movements that other models do not do, and can be combined with other equipment, such as a crawler, to perform specific actions,” he says.

Due to its greater efficiency, the equipment also allows a greater availability over time and, consequently, an increase in the number of inspections. It also limits the use of divers in risky operations.

The underwater area of ​​Petrobras uses ROVs in intervention operations, inspection and subsea maintenance in equipment, rigid and flexible pipelines, support to anchorage operations and in geodetic activities.

Source: Brazil Energy

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