Aug, 6, 2018

The Shipbuilding Industry is in search of new opportunities due to the crisis that the sector is living in the Country. The Shipyards, at the moment, are idle because of the absence of demands of shipbuilding. The opportunity for decommissioning of oil and natural gas platforms appears as the great alternative, since Petrobrás decided to contract the new platforms abroad. Currently, there is a market of about 160 Offshore Platforms in Brazil. Almost 45% of them are already in advanced studies for decommissioning as of 2020.

Based on these principles, SOBENA – Brazilian Society of Naval Engineering – started studies and promoted the 1st Workshop on the subject in May 2017, with great success. Now, after leading two missions of Brazilian companies to the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico, SOBENA is organizing the 2nd edition of the Workshop, scheduled for August 29 in Rio de Janeiro. The event will be supported by Petrobrás, Ibama, ANP, Brazilian Navy, Lloyd Register, DNVGL, Tecnoil, Ramboll and EY, as well as specialists in the sector.

With 74 offshore platforms with more than 25 years of operation, Petrobras is expanding the development of decommissioning projects for offshore oil production systems. Among the projects of the type in development are those of the fields of Cação, in the Espírito Santo Basin and of Marlim, in the Campos Basin.

This type of activity has a potential world market of U$ 500 billion over the next 40 years. For those who want to participate, the registrations are already open through the site http://www.sobena.org.br and by phone (21) 2283-2482.

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