Petrobras to launch new integrated bid for Libra


RFI gathered information to support the elaboration of public notice including logistics services and submarines

Petrobras closed last week an RFI (Request for Information) to subsidize the preparation of a tender to hire a maritime support vessel, submarine services, fuel supply and port services for Libra, in the pre- salt of the Santos Basin.

If launched, the bidding should follow a model similar to that of the bid that is currently promoted by the Libra Consortium to contract integrated services of air, sea and port support.

At RFI, Petrobras explains that the total scope of the possible hiring process is composed of three scopes.

Scope A provides for the chartering of a multipurpose vessel (MPSV) equipped with underwater remote operation robot (ROV) to install submarine equipment and provide inspection, maintenance and subsea commissioning services in water depths of up to 2,500 m.

Scope B requires underwater intervention services with ROVs (2,500 m) and with divers (30 m); hoisting, loading, installation of underwater equipment with crane; and fuel supply for the vessel of the first scope.

The company providing services should provide onshore technical and administrative structure, offshore team, tools for operations, consumables used in operation (diesel, water, lubricants) and base of operations for class exchange and testing / shipment of submarine equipment.

C scope provides for the provision and operation of port cradles for loading and unloading offshore equipment and supplies; lifting; handling and storage of port cargo; and availability of areas for handling and storage of cargoes and for carrying out tests on submarine equipment.

The contributions received for the RFI will help Petrobras to define the final bidding business model, which may be fully segregated (scopes A, B and C provided by separate contracts), or partially or fully integrated.

The expected date for the start of the contract is January 2021, with a duration of three years. The activities should be carried out from the state of Rio de Janeiro, with local content of 40%.

If launched, the bid should allow the formation of consortia, just as happened in the case of the ongoing Libra logistics tender.

Source: Brazil Energy

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