Ouro Preto starts in Parnaíba with three wells


The oil company works on final details to start campaign in blocks of the 11th round, which will extend until the end of the year

Ouro Preto will start drilling its first wells in the Parnaíba Basin beginning in August, with the QG-2 rig from Queiroz Galvão Oil & Gas and Halliburton technical support. The campaign will involve the drilling of three wells in blocks PN-T-137, PN-T-165 and PN-T-114, awarded in the 11th round, and the mobilization operation already has almost 60% of the work completed.

The first drilling will be done at PN-T-137, in Piauí, and is scheduled to reach the final depth of 2.19 thousand m. Each well should consume about one month’s work.

The QG-2 rig is being brought from the Solimões, by means of rafts and 75 trucks. The mob began exactly two months ago and to date, 43 trucks have already arrived at the location, six are in transit and 26  awaiting embarcation in Belém.

The second drilling will be done at PN-T-114, located in Maranhão, and should begin only in mid-September. The well will be the deepest of the campaign, scheduled to reach almost 2,500 m. As each location is about 300 km apart, Ouro Preto chose to use three distinct support bases in the drilling.

After completing the second well, the QG-2 will return to Piauí to drill into block PN-T-165. The drilling is scheduled to reach the depth of 2,000 m and be completed between the end of November and the beginning of December.

Confirming the gas discovery in the region, OP plans to follow Eneva’s trail and install a project in the reservoir-to-wire model. If the campaign results in discoveries in the three blocks, the strategy under analysis foresees the installation of three thermals of 300 MW, each with an estimated total investment of US $ 900 million and start-up starting in 2023.

With the drilling campaign, Ouro Preto will anticipate the commitment of work undertaken with the ANP. The oil company has already complied with the minimum exploratory program for these areas. In addition to these three blocks, the company is responsible for the operation of the other four blocks in the region, one also obtained in the 11th round, PN-T-151, which has geological similarity with PN-T-137, and three acquired in the 13th round,  PN -T-145, PN-T-162 and PN-T-65.

The result of the drilling campaign for the three wells will help Ouro Preto define the location of the seismic survey of the 13th round blocks and the possible drilling of a new well in PN-T-151. The seismic campaign is expected to be implemented during 2019.

Besides the seven areas of Parnaíba, Ouro Preto also operates block BAR-M-387, located in shallow waters of the Barreirinhas Basin. The oil company has already acquired seismic in the area, fulfilling the minimum commitment of work agreed with the ANP, and awaits the beginning of Shell’s campaign in the region to evaluate its next steps.

Source: Brazil Energy

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