ANP signs contract for environmental assessment of Sergipe-Alagoas and Jacuípe


The Ecology and Environment of Brazil signed with the ANP a R $ 3.72 million contract to make the environmental assessment of the sedimentary area (AAAS) of the Sergipe-Alagoas and Jacuípe (AAS). The study aims to consolidate the knowledge of the sedimentary basins, pointing out environmental risks and potential economic activities that could be developed in these regions.

The result of this evaluation will allow the agency in the future to better calibrate the offer of areas in the exploratory auctions. And also have a better definition of licensing rights with Ibama for each sector of the basin.

The contract lasts 20 months and will originate several products and a final report pointing out suitable areas, not suitable and in moratorium for the accomplishment of economic activities. It is the first time that a study of the type is made and the ANP intends to extend it “in the very near future” to the other Brazilian sedimentary basins. EPE contracted a similar study for the Solimões Basin.

Currently, 40 blocks in the Sergipe-Alagoas basin are under concession. There are no blocks granted in the Jacuípe basin.

In addition to Ecology, MottMacdonald Consortium – Tetra tech, Nemus and Fundação Coppetec participated in the bid, and were classified in the bidding in that order. The Consulting Consortium, led by OTZ Engenharia, filed an appeal against the outcome, but was denied by the agency.

Source: Brazil Energy

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