Petrobras will resume Comperj with China’s CNPC/Participation in Marlim Complex


July 4, 2018

Petrobras announced that it has signed a letter of intent with the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) to evaluate the completion of the Comperj refinery in Itaboraí, Rio de Janeiro, and a participation of the Chinese in the project of the complex of Marlim, which covers the fields of Marlim, Voador, Marlim Leste and Marlim Sul, all in the Campos Basin.

When completed, the partnership will allow the heavy oil produced at the Marlim complex to be used for processing at the Comperj Refinery, which has adequate infrastructure for this type of oil. Refinery works were halted in 2015 with more than 80% of the project ready. The partnership may enable the necessary investments to be resumed and concluded.

“We are taking another step in the search for partners to complete the Comperj refinery, at the same time as we guarantee new investments and the revitalization of the Marlim field. For me, it is another demonstration of how a financially healthy and balanced Petrobras can have a positive impact on Brazilian society and all its shareholders, “said Petrobras President Ivan Monteiro.

In March, Petrobras contracted the Shandong Kerui consortium and Potential Method for the resumption of the works of the Comperj Natural Gas Processing Unit (NGPU). The contract is valued at around R $ 2 billion. The goal is for the unit to be operational by 2020, with capacity to process up to 21 million cubic meters per day of natural gas.

The resumption of the project is essential for Petrobras, which needs NGPU to be able to dispose of the natural gas that will be produced in Mero and other fields of the Santos Basin pre-salt, which is already the country’s largest natural gas producer. According to ANP data, 57.4 million cubic meters per day of natural gas were produced in the region in January.

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