Brazil – 57 blocks have exploratory periods expiring in 2019


Brasil Energia Petroleum reported last week that Eneva plans to start drilling in its blocks of the 13th ANP Round in 2019. The company is one of the 19 asset operators with the first exploratory period to expire next year, according to data from the regulatory agency.

In all, 57 blocks of rounds 11, 12 and 13 are in this situation, most of them (18) in the Parnaíba Basin, as is the case of the seven that Eneva operates through its subsidiary Parnaíba Gás Natural (PN): PN -T-101, PN-T-103, PN-T-146, PN-T-163, PN-T-69, PN-T-84 and PN-T-87.

But Shell is the operator with the highest number of blocks with an exploratory period coming to an end in 2019: there are ten in the Barreirinhas Basin. Chariot Brasil (4), BP Energy (1) and Ouro Preto (1) are the other companies with assets in the basin in the same situation.

Besides the block in Barreirinhas, Ouro Preto operates seven assets whose exploratory period ends in 2019, which positions the company in second place in the ranking.

In the Recôncavo the ten exploratory blocks maturing in 2019 are operated by Alvopetro (4), Recôncavo Energia (4), Petrobras (1) and Petrosynergy (1).

The Ceará and Potiguar basins appear in sequence, with five blocks each. The assets are operated by Premier Oil (2), Chevron (1), ExxonMobil (1) and Total E & P (1) in the first basin and Phoenix (2), Ecopetrol (1), ExxonMobil (1) and Imetame ) on the last.

In the Foz do Amazonas Basin, where Ibama has not yet released drilling activities, there are two blocks with an exploratory period expiring next year: the FZA-M-59, operated by BP, and the FZA-M-90, from QGEP .

Finally, in Sergipe, there is the SEAL-T-420 block, operated by Petrobras.

A 58th block, the AC-T-8_R12, in the Acre Basin, also has its first exploratory period ending next year, but it appears as suspended in the ANP table.

Offshore Vs. Onshore

Of the 57 blocks listed, 23 are offshore assets. In this group are the Shell, Chariot and Ouro Preto blocks in Barreirinhas; two from BP (one in Barreirinhas and one in Foz); two from the Premier, one from Chevron, one from Exxon and one from Total in the Ceará Basin; and the QGEP block in Foz.

2nd exploratory period

In the ANP list there are also 27 blocks (18 in the Recôncavo and 9 in Alagoas) with the second exploratory period expiring in 2019, but all these commitments were suspended or extended.

Source: Brazil Energy

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